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Personal wealth management

In the field of investment advice the first step detailed discussion of the client’s specific situation. Subsequently, we prepare a personalised investment strategy and asset overview in accordance with the client’s stage of life, available funds and risk propensity.
Investment strategy

  • An individual investment strategy is the foundation for secure and long-term successful

Investment policy

  • A personal investment policy for each of our customers creates confidence, security and is the basis for future growth.

Investment objective

  • The investment objectives are defined according to the age, the risk profile, the family background and the financial environment of our customers. The result is a regular income which makes future investments possible.

Our success factors are:

  • Direct investments - clear overview of the assets
  • Long-term investments in dynamic and profitable companies
  • Ongoing monitoring of the performance of the investments made
  • Customized, individual reporting

Our main goal is that the customer "feels comfortable" with his investments. Therefore, we take a lot of time for regular, personal consultation with our customers.